Log out and login to nature.....for a week at least :-) 

We all need a true family holiday? A time to regroup and enjoy the precious years that fly by far too quickly. We're all guilty,  the kids have too much screen time, anything for a quiet life right? Us parents also deserve time to pick up a good old book and turn off the phone for a while.

 Take a break from modern life for a Simple week of quality time with those dearest.


The Caribbean has it all beaches, mountains, waterfalls, surfing, kitesurfing, sealife, friendly locals, markets, colour and culture, and everyone's favorite ingredient sunshine.

There's nothing better than a hike to get the kids moaning but it's amazing how much fun is had once they're doing it.

We enjoy surfing as a family and would love to show you how, if you already surf then lets share some waves together.


Onboard we have 2 sailing dinghies one for the grownups and one  for the little ones. Our son Sol loves to sail Fidget his little Optimist sailing dinghy and your kids will love to join him.


You can choose to go shopping at the local markets, taking the local buses as we source ingredients to produce great onboard meals.

We have spearfishing equipment, fishing rods, the snorkeling and swimming is great by simply diving off the boat. 

You're staying onboard a beautifully traditional wooden Schooner Marie des isles your home for the week. She is a safe, stable sailing yacht that encourages us all to work together, raising her sails and sailing her to new adventures during your stay.

"Life long memories"