Lee, who doesn't sit still very often, has a passion for adventure.

Sailing for years before the kids came along with Sam on various boats he has now revisited his dream, choosing the beautiful sailing vessel of Marie des Isles. Living and travelling in a simple way with kids in tow he can enjoy all that nature has to offer. A keen triathlete, and coach, although he has had to hang up his race bike, he can enjoy the many reefs with pristine waters and colourful fish on his daily swims and there is always somewhere to enjoy a run. 



We travelled the world a great deal before the children came along and we wanted to get back to that to see what we've missed while we've been away.  "So much to see, so little time." Besides, we needed some new stories to tell. I must say I was a little worried in the beginning with them on board but we have developed into an amazing little crew and are so close as a family now and they are truly thriving in this environment. 

There are challenges everyday, homeschooling being one of them. There's a lot for us all still to learn and we are all on the adventure together.


Navigator and Baker

I'm 14 years old, I love art, sailing, playing my guitar, and adventuring to tropical places. I was not into leaving my friends in the beginning but now I wouldn't change our life on MDI. I have started a youtube vlog if you want to look me up.



I'm 11 years old and loving my new life aboard MDI. I love to surf, sail my optimist dinghy and climb the mast, any job aloft is mine because dad hates heights hee hee.


Mess maker

I'm 6 years old, I love lego, lagoons, spying on dolphins and eating watermelon. I've just learnt to dive down and snorkeling and jumping off the boat is my favourite thing.